Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Shoots in One Day = 15 Children = Exhausted


My first shoot on Saturday morning began with a bunch of cousins. These fun kids come from three different families. I just did a photo shoot of the three boys a few months ago, so after the group picture they cashed in their time for some lollipops and they were happy to be done.

These two cuties are sisters and they were by far the easy ones in group:)

What a beauty...

This fun little girl was constantly on the go. I just followed her everywhere she went. She was so funny...she hardly gave me the time of day. At only 18 months, we couldn't communicate with words, but she would give me a glance here and there. She was very interested in everything...but me:)

We captured three generations here....

...and four generations there.
Seeing Double?
My second shoot took place immediately after. This one included 9 year old identical twins and two princesses.

I've known these boys since they were toddlers. They are growing up to be heart breakers!!

We went on our "princess walk" and found many flowers to smell. She was soooo photogenic. I wish I could post all of her amazing shots.

I had great odds at picking the correct name when speaking to the boys, but I think I was wrong every time. I used to be able to tell them a part, but it has been a few years since I have seen them. I'm thankful they just laughed each time I messed up.

I love it when I take pictures of siblings and the kids are arguing over who gets to hold the baby. It makes me happy to see such love.

Look at these 5 cuties!!

My third shoot was later that afternoon. I love kids. They are so much fun to tease, play pretend with, and have fun with. I LOVE working with them, especially one on one. I enjoy pulling each one aside and "going for a walk" as we take pictures. I get to know them and enjoy hearing about the things they like and dislike. There is never a dull moment when working with adorable little people:)

This little man loved looking at the twinklies in his eyes (the light in his eyes) after I took each picture. He had a great time trying to find those twinklies and he would follow me anywhere in order to capture them.

Yummy!! Isn't she yummy? During the group shot she was busting up laughing. If only I could have gotten some of that out of her when it was just us two. I think she was still checking me out here. By the time we took the group shot, she must have realized I was okay to be with:)

These two boys are handsome young boys. The one above is more subdued and serious, while the one below showed me all sorts of faces to photograph. He was so silly. That little smirk tells it all.

This "twinklies" boy was on the move. We had to send his brothers out to keep up with him.

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sarah goodman said...

oh man...I am tired just thinking of shooting that many did an AWESOME job with all the kids! the images look great!