Friday, September 26, 2008

The Venue of Scottsdale

Last night I attended a meeting for The Wedding and Event Network. Curtis Whipple signed me up as the feature photographer for the evening. I was also asked to take some snap shots through the evening to document the event. My name and work will be displayed on their website for a month. The meeting was held at The Venue of Scottsdale which looks like a simple building on the outside, but oh my. Walk in and you will be amazed.
I was able to display some of my work and lay out my business cards.

The inside of the building was a recreation of Bourbon Street. You can rent a room of the building for parties or events, or rent the whole thing for a concert with 1300 guests. This place is huge and beautiful.

One of the rooms on "Bourbon Street" was a beautiful pool room and bar.

You can look out the window onto "Bourbon Street" and see the guests across the street at a bar.

Here is a picture that only shows a portion of the inside. It is two story and very unique. The bar is on the right and the pool room and bar is behind me on the left.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Kiddos

This weekend I decided to take my kids out for a photo shoot. Why is it easier to take pictures of kids other than my own?:) It's probably because my kids are tired of me constantly pointing a camera at them:) I just can't help it. Here are a few of my favorites after I bribed them all with cold stone ice cream.

I love how they look like the bars on your cell phone:) Maybe they'll be on the next commercial.

Have you ever heard of a kid who is too scared to cough? Well, here's a picture of one. She came down with a cough this week and she has a lot of "yucky stuff" in her chest that she needs to cough up. She is afraid that the "stuff" is going to choke her or make her throw up. Therefore she purposefully tries not to cough. My husband and I have talked until we are blue in the face trying to convince her that none of those horrible things will happen, but she is very fearful. I hope we don't end up in ER because she refuses to cough and clear her chest. In the picture above she is starting to tell me about her cough.

The reality of her cough is beginning to hit her.

Now she is down right depressed that she has this cough that is sooooo scary. Please Help!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Little boys are so much fun. Who says that you have to get all pretty and brush your hair for a photo shoot. That's for the girls:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Arianna is an energetic cutie with a zest for life. She lives across the street from me. She typically won't put any bows in her hair, but I got lucky today. She loves my girls and therefore wanted her hair to look like theirs:)